Meta Vs Apple: Zuckerberg preps his troops for the metaverse war

We also boast an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac platforms. A copycat version of the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island has arrived on Android’s Google Play Store in the form of an app called “dynamicSpot.” The app, still in beta, offers customers several different experiences at the top of their smartphones. In its current form, dynamicSpot offers playback control for songs, timers, battery status, and more features coming soon, according to the app’s… I think question of open or closed source isn’t the most important one, the bigger philosophical question is what Meta is trying to make of the virtual reality and what Apple is.

  • Part of that is having it be an open ecosystem that’s interoperable,” he went on.
  • You could theoretically go to other metaverses, and move valuables around between platforms too.
  • Despite Apple losing the war for the lion’s share of the PC market with its “tightly integrated” approach, it remains to be seen if that will work for the meterverse, as Zuckerberg states.

I honestly can’t remember which company sponsored the Halftime Show before Pepsi, so it’ll be nice to see how Apple handles the show for Super Bowl LVII. Sign up for Verge Deals to get deals on products we’ve tested sent to your inbox daily. Almost 40 companies including Microsoft, Meta, and Epic Games have come together to form the Metaverse Standards Forum so that growth is stable, ethical, and interoperable.

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If Apple is early with VR headsets, it doesn’t really foil their plans towards the 3D web. The adoption rate for VR will eventually catchup, and in the meantime, Apple can sustain themselves through AR innovations. This seems a vote of no confidence in all things metaverse and, perhaps, the entire AR/VR space. “The reality is that Apple has many strengths in this space, which it continues to gradually how are bitcoin, cryptocurrencies or cryptoassets improve,” says Jijiashvili. In his latest Power On newsletter, Gurman said that Apple is currently “likely to release its remaining 2022 products via press releases,… Apple last week demonstrated its upcoming AR/VR headset to Apple board members, indicating that the device is in an advanced stage of development and could see a debut in the not too distant future, reports Bloomberg.

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So I’d say on mobile, Apple has really carved out quite a good position for themselves, and that’s why they’re the most valuable company in the world, or maybe one of the couple most valuable companies in the world. Yet, when Apple brought out the iPhone, with its app store and links to services, it also revolutionized the smartphone market. As a result, billions of smartphones have been sold, and most people carry one with them daily.

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Apple has also ramped up development of the software that runs on the headset, with that software expected to be called “RealityOS,” or rOS for short. I think Apple wants to create AR/VR more as an addition to reality, not virtual world separate from reality for people to be voluntarily imprisoned in. Wrapping up his response to the question, Zuckerberg summed up Meta’s competition with Apple as going beyond simply the metaverse but also the future of the internet as a whole. Indeed many respondents to this survey highlighted that AR would more likely be a mainstream technology. However, users will use VR more for short immersive settings like games, shopping, quick meetings, etc. Meta’s Metaverse Open Standards Group with Microsoft, Epic Games and others helped form the establishment of open protocols to enable people to seamlessly move through future immersive, 3D worlds with their virtual goods.

At the same time, Meta has shown glimpses of its first high-end headset dubbed Project Cambria , which is expected to compete directly with Apple’s headset. Broadly speaking, I think there’s wide agreement that the metaverse will involve more avatars and 3D visualizations in the future, whether that’s in VR, video game–like immersive environments, or some kind of augmented reality. It’s clear that users will need high-powered electronic devices to access it. It is very likely that Apple has developed a virtual reality headset and prototypes of this headset have been completed. According to rumors, the name of this headset can be Apple View, and like all products of this company, it has a simple user interface and appearance. To be clear, whatever Cook’s vision is of the metaverse, it appears to be very different from what Mark Zuckerberg’s vision is.

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That any company is welcome to join, including those in cryptocurrency. Apple plans to release new MacBook Pro models in the fourth quarter of 2022, according to supply chain publication DigiTimes. The report does not mention specific models, but it very likely refers to the next-generation 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros given that how many neo coins are there the 13-inch model was already updated earlier this year. There has been uncertainty surrounding the timing of new 14-inch and… That is all set to change, however, as Apple is nearing the launch of its first AR/VR headset for early next year. I tested my first tablet in 1992 when early pen-based tablets first became available.

  • It may be the company’s key offering if its headsets don’t work out, with application layer companies, like Meta, building their experiences on top of rOS, just as Facebook and Instagram run on iOS now.
  • This product is a big competitor for Ray-Ban smart glasses, which is a joint product with Meta company.
  • Doing so would form tacit admission of the secretive firm’s mission.
  • Apple will want to take AR to the intersection of technology and the liberal arts to augment and enhance human capabilities.
  • The Facebook and Instagram parent reported about $115 billion in ad revenue this past year, accounting for 97% of all company revenue.

As new digital tools are built, Apple’s position as a hardware maker will become more critical. The iPhone 14 Pro adds an always-on display, 48MP camera, and a new user interface paradigm to an already outstanding smartphone line — but the already excellent iPhone 13 Pro looms large. Apple has announced that, as expected, facilities in India are now producing part of the new iPhone 14 range for local sale. A small number of Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch Series 8 owners have reported “measurement suspended” errors on the Noise app, suggesting the microphones are not working.

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But Kuo predicts Apple will go public with their headset in January 2023 and fundamentally transform the industry. Meta has focused on fleshing out concepts like virtual currency and digital collectibles. Liz Truss will be so bad for the U.K., a former central bank official says, that it’s time to bring back George Soros’… While Meta officials didn’t specify the financial impact of Apple’s recently implemented privacy rules on the most recent quarter, CFO David Wehner forecasted that the hit will be “on the order of $10 billion” in 2022. The Facebook and Instagram parent reported about $115 billion in ad revenue this past year, accounting for 97% of all company revenue. The headset is expected to launch at the end of this year, but not be available in quantity until early 2023.

I suspect this relates to Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to change his company’s name from Facebook to Meta. AR glasses are his best chance of finally owning and controlling the hardware used for social experiences, instead of having to rely on Apple’s iPhone and App Store. He may have wanted to create some distance between his “metaverse” and the Facebook brand, which had become synonymous with surveillance capitalism, misinformation at scale, and continuous scandal.

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According to analysts, and given Apple’s business history, more focus is expected on health applications for Apple’s Metaverse products. Apple has long been rumored to be developing several different AR and VR devices, including a high-end Apple VR visor that could focus on virtual reality and gaming. Apple is also thought latest cryptocurrency news today to be working on a smaller and lighter “Apple Glass” wearable that could be a companion to an iPhone. Our vision of shared, real-time, persistent, virtual worlds has been shaped by popular culture, from Neal Stephenson’s… “I just don’t think that the future is written here yet for the metaverse,” he goes on.

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